About Ecowrap

Introducing ECOWRAP, an ECO-FRIENDLY, REUSABLE & COST EFFECTIVE pallet wrapping solution to secure your pallet load.

EcoWrap is available as per all standard pallet dimensions (US and Euro). However, custom sizes are also manufactured as per customer's requirements.

Features and Benefits


EcoWrap is reusable up to 18-24 months (even more depending upon usage).

Saves Cost :

EcoWrap helps to reduce annual cost of pallet wrapping up to 60-70%'. EcoWrap eliminates use/need of additional wrapping equipment.

Environment Friendly

Zero environmental waste makes EcoWrap an ideal and Green solution for pallet wrapping.

Heavy Duty Weather Resistant See-through Mesh

EcoWrap offers industrial grade high tensile strength (can handle load up to 5000 Ibs), stability in frozen as well as normal ambience (-40°c to 82°c) and ventilation, reducing chances of moisture build-up &food spoilage.

Ease of Wrapping

EcoWrap is easy & quick to wrap/unwrap (takes approx.1min), thus saves time.

Ease of Handling

Increased worker efficiency with less worker injuries, more work safety & better ergonomics at workplace. Improved OH &S culture.

Load Security with Uniform Containment Force

Consistent method of securing a pallet load with uniform containment force provides enhanced security, preventing the chances of load shifting.

Document Pouch

EcoWrap has in-built document pouch to secure your goods' identification or other documents.

Advantages in a Nutshell

  • 10x stronger than stretch film
  • Easy to wrap/unwrap
  • Better Ergonomics
  • Saves Envoronment
  • Reduces annual cost up to 60-70%
  • Reduces plastic waste mgt. cost
  • Reusable, Recyclable & Washable
  • Transparent & Breathable